Rob’s computer system expertise benefits Blue Butterfly’s clients as much as it does Blue Butterfly’s internal infrastructure. His efficient and innovative problem-solving skills makes him our IT Ninja and go-to for cutting-edge technology solutions. 

Rob’s 28 years of IT experience knows few bounds. His expertise includes computer hardware, software, and operating support for desktops, servers, printers, and mobile devices. On a regular basis, Rob delivers critical IT and networking support, POS system set-up and administration, ecommerce web integrations, network security, and other valuable client technology support. 

Rob has developed computer programs for the gaming and hospitality industry, including a scoring system for the Las Vegas Intercollegiate Golf Tournament. Golf Magazine featured and presented Rob’s technology and presented it in an ESPN documentary. He also provided programming and networking services for retail operations in Las Vegas hotels. He transitioned into the specialty retail industry where he managed and administered IT for several hundred locations throughout North America.

Rob holds certifications from Acer, Dell, IBM, HP, Microsoft, and Novell. When he’s not using these to maintain IT integrity for Blue Butterfly and its clients, Rob is a contributor to Big Brothers Big Sisters.